How We Work:

Strategic Planning and Public Relations

It all starts with strategy
Strategy is the most important aspect in achieving goals, whether in soccer, tennis, exams or a political campaign. This is especially true in today’s mercurial music world. Without strategy, short-term successes will only be little sparks that never amount to a great fire. At Jay K. Hoffman & Associates, we aim to outthink the competition by focusing on strategic planning in everything we do.

Whether a client is concertizing or creating a project, we will work with every form of media - print, TV, radio, internet - to ensure that the client stays in the forefront of public and critical attention. We devise a publicity plan, starting with thorough research of the client’s history, cultural relations, potential targets, etc. Subsequently, we determine what the most desirable direction is and then conceptualize short-term, mid-term, long-term strategies, tailored to meet each client’s objectives and priorities.

Integrated Marketing and Comprehensive Promotion
Challenging times call for uncommon thinking. Challenging times also call for that extra mile. Thus, at Jay K. Hoffman & Associates, we believe that a creative, concurrent marketing/promotional plan will result in the kind of publicity success that a client seeks.

Our marketing approach is all encompassing. It combines vision with reality checks; it deals with niche marketing; it emphasizes thorough market analysis as well as ongoing study of consumer psychology. Furthermore, we confidently provide clients with comprehensive expertise in global marketing, given our long-time prominent role in the international music scene.

Communication is an essential ingredient in the development of long-term relationships with our clients and involves an understanding of the client’s current and potential audiences, communication style, financial support and board relationship, where applicable. We dedicate ourselves to finding the best solutions possible.

In addition, we help clients establish the appropriate communication channel with their collaborators and audience as well. Clients will benefit from our significant experience in working with different social/professional segments, e.g., scientific community, education experts, medical professionals, and religious groups, along with key music industry professionals.