What We Do

Actively functioning in North America, the Far East and Europe, Jay K. Hoffman & Associates - unlike other North America based public relations companies - understands the difference in the mentalities of media world-wide, thereby bringing a unique dimension to the profession and to the musicians it works with. And because of its solid knowledge of the global dimension of the music world, it can creatively help ensembles and soloists realize their musical missions - in any language!

The Hoffman team, comprised of individuals with extensive music backgrounds, deals with media (newspapers, magazines, internet, radio and television), managements and presenters all over the world, on an everyday basis. For example, a recording released in the U.S. will, as a result of the company's efforts, find resonance here as well as abroad; a tour appearance will be supported with every possible media exposure; a project will be developed with the most encompassing and visionary efforts.

In sum, the comprehensive work of the Hoffman organization stands alone. We welcome musicians and projects who have something to say and want that something transmitted world-wide in an intelligent and caring way.