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Opera Now magazine has been on the scene for 20 years, putting the spotlight on opera as a global cultural phenomenon that draws together many vibrant strands of creativity, from the worlds of music, drama, art and design. As well as viewing the development of opera in a historical context and providing in-depth coverage of established operatic centers such as London, Milan, Paris, New York and Berlin, we highlight young artists, innovative companies, new theatres and contemporary horizons in opera, such as cutting-edge production trends, the global move into cinemas and the arrival of technology in the opera house.

At the heart of our coverage, indeed embodied in the Opera Now’s title, is the view that opera never stands still. It is an evolving art form which remains fresh and dynamic for each new generation of enthusiasts.

Every issue of Opera Now contains a colorful snapshot of opera across the globe. You’re as likely to find us traveling to Bogota as to Berlin, or in Mongolia as at the Met. We aim to give a broad perspective on operatic life, but also focus on the detail with our thoughtful analysis of new productions and world premieres, and our interviews with opera’s movers and shakers.

Meanwhile, the magazine’s sphere of influence continues to grow, and we have just taken a confident step into America, with a strong presence at the National Performing Arts Convention in Denver.

With its wide-ranging international appeal and its glorious mix of artistic disciplines, opera is able to be delightful, challenging, thought-provoking, witty, moving and entertaining, all at the same time. I hope you find most if not all of these sentiments, along with a heart-felt passion for opera, leaping off the pages of Opera Now.

(June 2008)

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