Two Composers, Two World Premieres 


Mark Adamo , Little Women ; Tobias Picker , Emmeline

•  Challenge

Traviata, La Bohème, Tosca, and so many other great creations, are lodged in the greater opera-going public consciousness.

How to find a corner of interest for two unknown living composers, each had no previous opera, and each debuted with compelling American operas based on two novels.

•  Process

We feel that the most important point is that both Little Women and Emmeline tell good stories. When the public goes to the opera, they want to hear a good story told in a convincing and relevant way.

The Hoffman team was instrumental in helping to promote both operas, working closely with PBS, opera houses, all sorts of media, thereby creating a positive world-wide positive environment for public acceptance of the composers and their operas.

•  Result

Witness two PBS telecasts of the operas - without stars!

Witness coverage in major media - New York Times, Wall Street Journal, to name a few - about Mark Adamo and Tobias Picker, who are both in their thirties when the operas were presented.

Witness engagements in other opera houses, such as New York City Opera, Glimmerglass Opera, etc.

Witness new commissions for Adamo (Houston Grand Opera) and Picker (The Metropolitan Opera).