Two UK Magazines,
Two American Successes


BBC Music Magazine, Gramophone

 •  Challenge

The two U.K.-based music magazines have - both at separate occasions - approached the Hoffman office seeking help in launching their North American editions and in increasing their subscription base and overall visibility in the North American market.

•   Process

Implementing the idea of "the magazine for the mass," the Hoffman team strategized with the publishers about the following:

a) exclusive cover & stories for North American readers;
b) story positioning;
c) specific marketing plans to increase visibility in North America

We identified under-explored markets (consummate classical music lovers who have been ignored/neglected by the industry), devised a comprehensive marketing campaign targeting radio stations. As a result of the brand awareness we achieved for both magazines North America , they were able to collect more advertising revenues from record labels, venues, instrument dealers, etc.

•   Result

Before launching in North America , both Magazines were relatively unknown to music magazine buyers on this continent. After the Hoffman team's publicity and marketing efforts, the subscription base more than doubled, the advertising revenue increased significantly, and the Magazines became favorites for radio station fundraising drives (not to mention countless copies sold to music students.)